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Newest Fig

in beersearchparty.com
Date: Wed, Mar 12, 2014

Figueroa Mountain is popping. They just celebrated their 3rd Anniversary. They helped usher in Story Tavern’s expansion ...

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Why Would Anyone Call It "Tippy-top"?

in A Good Beer Blog
Date: Tue, Mar 11, 2014

The strangest thing happens to folk when confronted with groundless claims to value. Sometimes they make up grounds:

"Worth it? I have no clue. Regrettably I have not sampled Don Q, as it’s known to wild beerstalkers, and am unlikely to get ...

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Will 'craft' change beer for good?

in Pete Brown
Date: Tue, Mar 11, 2014

Guys from Five Points took this at the previous, shorter Masterclass.

There's something deeply wrong when you have to set the alarm on a Sunday morning and be out of the door by half past eight.

But you wouldn't do it if it wasn't also the sign of something being very ...

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Obama's Illegal Bet

in KC Beer Blog
Date: Fri, Mar 7, 2014

I'm sure most of you heard the feel-good, fun news story during the Olympics about Obama betting Canadian Prime MinisterStephen Harper a case of beer over each of the USA vs. Canada hockey matches. I think that it's great that Obama used the home-brewed White House beer as ...

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NoDa Brewing Tart Attack to be Released by Rare Beer of the Month Club™ to Support Pints for Prostates

in Lyke2Drink
Date: Sat, Sep 21, 2013

NoDa Brewing Co. of Charlotte, N.C., and The Rare Beer of the Month Club™, which ships unique craft beers nationwide, are teaming up on a special limited release beer to benefit the Pints for Prostates campaign.

NoDa Tart Attack is being brewed exclusively to create awareness and support the mission of Pints for Prostates, which uses the ...

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Craft Beer – a Hopumentary

in The BeerFathers
Date: Wed, Jun 12, 2013

An absolutely fantastic video here called “Craft Beer – A Hopumentary” will get your juices flowing about craft beer. The video itself is amazing for…

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Where Can You Find Funky Buddha Beers?

in South Florida Beer Blog
Date: Mon, Jun 3, 2013

The grand opening at Funky Buddha Brewery this week was a sight to be seen. With about 3000 people and going through at least 80 kegs you know South Florida is ready for its own craft beer brewery.

If you weren't lucky enough to make it out to the grand opening don't worry because draft will start making its way out into ...

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Asheville Beer Week Returns

in Asheville Beer Blog
Date: Sat, Mar 30, 2013

It's been a rather exciting time for Western North Carolina beer over the past year. Oskar Blues has been brewing locally made ...

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Working for a Livin’

in Beer Haiku Daily
Date: Sat, Mar 9, 2013

Through the long work days My mind is lost, just thinking Of homebrew, waiting. Written by Jake Metzler. About the guest ...

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Beers to Beat the Summer Heat

in Home Brewing Blog
Date: Tue, Jul 31, 2012

Here are some of the refreshing summer beverages that still have enough flavors to grasp attention of even the most discerning brew snobs.

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beerblog: Congrats to @oldschoolbrew for being named the #3 Adventure Bar in the USA. http://t.co/pEjkva5p

in Twitter / beerblog
Date: Mon, May 21, 2012

beerblog: Congrats to @oldschoolbrew for being named the #3 Adventure Bar in the USA. http://t.co/pEjkva5p

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Saint Arnold Endeavour VS DR 11

in Barley Vine
Date: Wed, Mar 7, 2012

Ever since Saint Arnold moved into their new brewery its been interesting to see them trying new things with beers. First came the moveable yeast series and lately its been releasing beers in 750ml bottles instead of the traditional 6-pack. These beers they are ...

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Fort Collins The Incredible Hop Imperial India Belgian Ale

in Mug Of Saint Arnold
Date: Wed, Jan 11, 2012

Fort Collins Brewery is a brewery that I have not sampled yet and chose their The Incredible Hop Imperial India Belgian Ale as ...

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Cigar City Brewing Co.: Humidor IPA

in The Beer Bitch Craft Brew / Beer Review
Date: Tue, Apr 12, 2011

Humidor IPA
Cigar City Brewing Co.
3924 West Spruce St. Suite A.
Tampa, FL

Aroma: (10/12)
Wow, cedar totally dominates! There are some hints of spices, almost like a saison.

Appearance: (3/3)
Pure copper hued. This beer is bottle conditioned, so it pours a massive head. Highly carbonated. ...

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Canned Craft Beer Festival - May 21, 2011

in Beer Can Blog
Date: Wed, Apr 6, 2011

Chandler, AZ is the place.

Here is the list of participating breweries.

Wow. That would be a great place to pick up lots of new cans and try some new beers.

If I still lived in El Paso,...it might be doable, but from Atlanta, just not feasible.

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Date: Tue, Apr 27, 2010

Click over to the our expanded blog THE HEDONIST JIVE, which casts a net wellbeyond craft beer and into all sorts of personal obsessions – music, film, politics, baseball, naval-gazing and extreme narcissism. And beer. Bookmark http://www.hedonistjive.com/

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How Much Guinness Can One Drink In a Week?

in Dr. J's Beer Blog
Date: Sat, Mar 27, 2010

I may have the answer to that question. Let's see. My story starts on Saturday, March 13th. The day of the Atlantic City ...

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The last post

in Stonch's Beer Blog
Date: Sun, Jan 3, 2010

I spent the New Year in Prague with my beloved. Regular readers will know that I lived and worked there for a while three years ...

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Review: Leviathan Imperial IPA

in Daily Beer
Date: Wed, Dec 30, 2009

Today we review Leviathan Imperial IPA from Harpoon Brewery in Boston, MA.

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Lagunitas Brewing Company Brown Shugga' Ale - A Microbrew Review

in A Microbrew Review Blog
Date: Sat, Feb 28, 2009

Lagunitas Brewing Company Brown Shugga' Ale

by Microbrew Review

This economy's been tough on all of us. Everyone's looking to save money and for the best deal possible. That holds true in ...

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